Basalt continuous fiber
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 Basalt fiber is a new ore fiber, which is basalt (a Paleozoic volcanic) as the main raw material. high
temperature melting, cooling down into the rock to produce a new type of fiber. It is not only asbestos and
fiberglass productswith the many excellent performance also has other excellent features. If resistance : high
fever (heat and cold), ultralow temperature resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic, noise, wear resistance,
corrosion resistance, highstrength, also wire surface smooth, soft handle, such as spinning a good performance.
It will not change the current pattern of the world fiber manufacturing, We have the economic and industrial
development will have a very farreaching impact. Glass fiber industry development and product applications in a
few decades, Fiberglass products of the very wide range of small to civilian, to aviation, into almost all areas.
With the constant expansionof the application of glass fiber, glass fiber weaknesses, such as poor corrosion
resistance. gradually appearingalkaline poor, find it difficult to adapt to the special needs of this alkali glass
fiber shape.  Alkali resistant glass fibermaterials in zircon adding that the price of raw materials expensive. greatly
increased the production cost of alkali resistant glass fiber, and higher product prices. The alkali resistant
roperties of alkali resistant glass fiberand certain limit and then continue to improve very difficult. The rapid
development of science and technology of today, a lot of specific areas, such as : the hightech field, aviation,
electronics, An urgent need for the fields of chemical production and higher performance, wider application.
    Moreover the cost of new materials to replaceordinary glass fiber, research and the application of experience
abroad, Basalt Fiber is the best substitute for one. Basalt fiber with high strength, wide range of working
temperature, pH corrosion resistance capability, noise insulation, nonabsorbent, wide price of the cheapest source
of raw material characteristics, the relative chemical fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber and other more obvious
advantages of a comprehensive, Hailed as the "21st century new material." Currently, the company went through
more than two years of exploration and practice, and tackled technical problems in the manufacture of continuous
fiber basalt, successfully developed TX1 Continuous basalt fiber production line, making China the world except
Ukraine, Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union, a small number, really control the basalt
continuous fibers for industrial production technology. TX1 Equipment system complete, functional, and the higher
degree of automation. Due to natural gasas a major energy and the recycling of cooling water and the infiltration
of agents, thereby significantly reducing the manufacturing cost of the fiber. Moreover, the leakage TX1
Drawingboard equipment furnace temperature control and high accuracy ± 10C. effectively protected the fiber
manufacturing process stability and fiber quality. Basalt fiber drawing for success Basalt continuous fiber for
highperformance largscale production and application in China have laid a solid  technological foundation

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