Application/Automotive Application Class

Basalt unidirectional fabric (construction type, bridge type, vehicle type)
    Building bridges of consolidation, reinforcement and repair; radar cover, shipped machine parts, radar antenna; tanks armored body, structure, wheel hub, torque rods and bushings; sports skis, alpine skis, surfboard, etc.. Basalt fiber unidirectional fabric of basalt fiber products is currently the most mature product.




Basalt fiber multiaxial fabrics (defense class, civil type, fire type, vehicle type)
    Wind turbine blades, ship;
    Automotive, high-speed trains, sporting goods;
    Aerospace, aviation, ballistic, protection and other fields;
    1) suitable for shipbuilding, steel and electrical maintenance of large-site welding, gas cutting of protective equipment, fireproof cloth wall;
    2) textile, chemical, metallurgy, theaters, military, fire and protective equipment such as ventilation, fire helmet, neck care fabric;
    3) non-combustible material for the basalt fiber fireproof cloth, flame at 1000 ℃ under, no distortion, no burst, can be wet, steam, smoke, chemical gases with the environment play a protective role under. Also applies to the fire service to avoid fire, fire curtain, fire blanket, fire package.




Basalt Fiber Sheet (architectural, Defense, civilian type, vehicle type)
    Can be used in aircraft, high-speed trains, light rail trains, ships, cars, bridges and other transportation; defense of the structural components and load-bearing parts; weapons and equipment, metal replacement; civilian fire doors; building partition; fire component; building reinforcement; wood increased.