Happy Mid-Autumn Festival— every new and existing customers
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     Distinguished Members old and new customers:Good luck over the festive season, the full moon、 the Reunion
Family members and every thing is ok.The annual MidAutumn Festival is approaching,Sichuan Aerospace TuoXin
basalt Industrial CO.,LT D S All staff extend to you the most sincere greetings and best wishes,hope your career
and life, as measured as the MidAutumn Festival,Light is formidable , perfect.Our sincere here thanks the old and
new customer strong support to my company,I wish our cooperation is happy.Let us pour full the good wine that
the diffused moonlight brews right away, prelude Communist Party of China in the Midautumn Festival stays for
joyous festival , together, narrates friendly sentiment , conspires to develop with happy harmonious melody.

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