The circular which removes
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        The circular which removes a name by the company Aecently, we discovered our company original Market Department Minister who named Tang Ming after removing work by the company, still stole the market information of unit concerned by the our company deputy general manager’s name, his illegal activity not only the ourcompany has had the extremely bad influence for, also gave the general customers to cause the latent harm。In view of this, the our company especially makes the following notice: our company original market department Minister Tang Ming violates the our company to keep secret of the agreement manytimes, certainly does not listen to the leader criticism to adviseagainst, keep out of company technology information, forge contract in order to cheating company money and so on, has removed a name processing by the company。Therefore, the our company no longer will undertake the legal liability to the Tang Ming any behavior, hoped the general customers enhancement will be vigilant, in order to avoid causing the nonessential losses。


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